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Spray Foam Insulation

Bayer Closed Cell Spray Foam

Residential Insulation and Construction

Bayseal Spray Foam Insulation Systems add sustainability, durability, energy efficiency and improved occupant comfort to residential construction projects. Spray foam insulation has a low lifecycle cost and minimal environmental impact. Bayseal systems are spray-applied and offer design flexibility, which make them a “perfect fit” for any residential construction project.

Commercial Building and Construction

Bayer MaterialScience manufactures spray foam wall insulation, roofing spray foam insulation and a full line of specialty coatings that are used for commercial roofing, waterproofing, abrasion resistances and other commercial applications. Bayer MaterialScience products are formulated to meet your design specifications including, customization of coating colors, foam densities, and advanced physical properties. Bayer MaterialScience team of technical experts work closely with customers to select products based on project requirements and guidelines.

• Non-Vented Vaulted Ceilings
• Flat Roofs



grinding flush
• Walls and Attics
• Basement Walls
• Between Radiant-Heated Floors
• Crawl Spaces
• Exterior Bathroom Walls
• Foundation Exteriors
• Swimming Pools
• Wine Cellars


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